Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Time for the Latest

I fell in love with everything about that house. I liked the color, the size, the layout, the location, and even the house number: 13-13. But the price is just not going to work out. I haven't yet heard from Monty, but it is beyond what I can do on my own. If he doesn't come through, I'm out of the 13-13 running.

Yes, I am very disappointed.

However, when I told the sales lady that my mother was not going to co-sign on that way-too-high loan, the first thing she said was "don't give up." There is a couple living in the park who has a son also living in the park. For reasons unknown, the son spends more time at his parents' place then he does at his own, and they approached the sales lady recently about what they need to do to sell it (because they're tired of paying the lot rent and all of that if he's never there).

Here's what I don't know about the place: the type of electricity, the condition of the interior (color schemes and the like), or the condition of the lot.

What I do know is that it is still a double-wide, and it still has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and a little(r) porch. It is not near any trees (other than what may or may not be on the lot) and is surrounded by other houses on all sides and across the street, unit 4-7. It's smaller than the first, but includes a little den area (probably what would serve as the breakfast area in the other house). It's also the same age as 13-13.

And it should cost about $15,000 to $17,000 less than the other house. That puts it in my ballpark, and possibly makes it doable without a parental co-signer.

We're back on the waiting game. There's still Monty's avenue, if Monty finds an avenue, and these people may decide not to sell at all. She said they seemed eager to move forward, and to give her a week or two to see where that is heading. I'm ok with more waiting, it means more overtime opportunity!

It's a compromise, to be sure, and one I admit I'm not gleeful about making. On the bright side, sales lady didn't take the opportunity to run off with my initial deposit. That must count for something.

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