Saturday, March 01, 2008

Shred Party

Part of my major move-prep efforts today involved shredding a box of documents that I don't need to keep but never threw away because of the information on them. I had credit card statements, bank statements, and pay stubs from as far back as 1998. I've never thrown away a single pay stub or bank statement. The really sad part of that is that neither of my parents have, either (for at least ten years, that is). There's still more to do, but it's a good start.

I discovered that, not only did Miss Luna destroy my closet by making a bed out of a straw wreath, she also amused herself with all the dangling toys just hanging around. While I do need to downsize my close considerably, I did want to keep some of those things. Like the ball room skirt, or the royal purple dress embossed with roses. That little kitty bastard. I got enough cleaned up and out that I could actually close the closet (and it hasn't been closed for at least as long as my oldest pay stub). Poor Miss Luna looked very forlorn as she inspected the barrier now preventing her from entering her favorite hiding, napping, and playing place. I have to protect my gowns! I never have occasion to wear them, but that's not the point.

Mom talked to dad this morning and she thinks she convinced him to agree to co-sign for me. I asked her what his reservations were, and she said it was simply a matter of him not caring about anyone but himself. Truth is, I've always known that about my dad. He'll put his desires before everyone else's needs. At least my mom knows I won't be that far away if she needs to get away for a while. Now, we just need to nag the hell out of him so he will fill out his part of the application before he leaves on a business trip tomorrow. Honestly, if we have to skip brunch to hang over him to do it (we don't know when he needs to leave), I'll do that. Yes, I did say nag. I understand that's usually not advisable to get someone to do something, but asking nice doesn't work either. We asked him three weeks ago to get started on my taxes, because I can use my return for down payment/moving expenses/first mortgage payment/whatever. Who wants to venture a guess as to when he got started on my taxes? You'd be right if you said "not yet."

I hate having to rely on my father for anything. But I do it every day of necessity. Sometimes, everything is ok (if you count all the times he starts to nod off when it's his day to drive as ok), other times, his procrastination turns into something I have to pay for in one way or another.

I really didn't come here to run down my dad. I love him. It would be nice to be able to rely on him too.

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