Friday, March 07, 2008

How Interesting

Through my special powers, I've noticed that the number of those who visit my blog has diminished recently. Now, I know my little blog and website are not as popular as, say, Google; that only makes a little decrease in readers rather apparent. And, granted, I don't blog because I expect to become famous by doing so, but it still leaves me wondering what I did.

At least two of you were not repulsed by my meager attempt at humorous art. And I always thought I had a rather healthy, if reserved, way of venting about my job. What are you, those of you who don't visit me anymore, trying to tell me? Have I lost whatever I had that made me interesting? Are you really running far, far away by my lack of artistic skills? Did you finally realize that the CIA did not, in fact, hire me and you're no longer waiting for me to spout out some government secret? Or, maybe you're all trying to tell me that the amount of overtime I work is tantamount to how boring I am? And could it even be that the lot of you are just too busy in your lives to bother with my insignificant and asinine prose about my own?

I would just like to know. Yes, I'm fishing to find out if it's me or you. I certainly don't expect anyone to be hanging around all day waiting for me to put in an update about my chaffy existence. You know, when my staggering readership of seven or ten drops to two with an occasional three or four, it just makes me wonder. I know those of you who don't come by any more aren't going to come and tell me how I scared you away. So, I guess I'm sort of preaching to the choir (of two), but wouldn't you wonder too, Two? Of course, this wouldn't be the first time I kept writing a blog that no one reads. (Not to sound indifferent to any of you, gentle blog readers, because I really do love having you around, as evidenced by my wondering where you went!)

OK. Moment of whininess and don't-you-love-me-anymore's is over. We now return to our regularly scheduled blog.

I'm still working as hard as I am able in an attempt to pack up my life in preparation for moving even though I still don't have a loan and am a week from settlement. I got a call from the sales lady, who said the loan place wants to have a look at last year's W2. I got a message from the guy at the loan place, who disconcertedly said "it looks like you're making more money in 2008!" Who wants to say "duh" with me? I get to call that guy later today.

Yesterday, I did a lot of reading about how other cat owners suggest moving with cats. I think my plan is pretty good and I'll probably change little about it (which means, Fox, Tuesday may not be the best day for lots of shuttling back and forth, but we'll see).

Part of my searching for tips on how to make my cats more comfortable was because WAM lost her kitty to lung cancer on Wednesday night. She had been telling me that her cat had asthma and I remember, when she was talking to me about what they were doing for this most recent flair up, I kept thinking that probably wasn't it and it might be something more severe. I hate being right like that. WAM's kitty was, if I recall, older than Callie by a year or two. I admire her for coming in to work yesterday. I'm sure some of it was to keep busy, and some of it was because she needs the extra money from overtime like I do. Still, even being faced with the mortality of someone else's beloved pet made me wish I was home with mine.

I also want to talk about some recent things I've been researching and learning (really, nothing that riveting), but I think I've prattled on enough for this early morning. Thank the powers that be for Friday's and pay days with overtime!


Anonymous said...

Still reading, but you know that.

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't worry--sometimes I don't get on the internet for a few days due to work and other stuff (except to quickly check email or check out the GTW forums). But when I do have time to log on with a cup of coffee and my cat on my lap--I always try to see what's up on your blog(s)! Laurel

Willow Goldentree said...

Our forums go through obvious highs and lows too. I think it has to do with where people's intrests lie at certain times in their lives. Some need to read about someone else's job for a few months until they've had their fill and will go in search of a blog or website that talks about baseball. Until they loose intrest with that and go somewhere else. The weather, the time of year, all sorts of things effect a person's need for something else to read. All in my humble opinion of course.

Maybe everyone's electricity just went out too.

Fyrecreek said...

Aww, you guys are sweet.
Somehow, I'm still thinking all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, though.