Saturday, March 29, 2008

Just Stupid

The loan guy keeps calling the house when no one is here and leaving messages asking if he's supposed to process my loan application. You know, the one that's $7,000 shy of the price of the house? That's the stupidest question I've ever been asked! Why would you process a loan that's not enough money? What they hell does he think I'm going to be able to do with not enough of a loan? I can't move in with it, that's not the price that the seller and I agreed on. Is he just an idiot?

I still haven't heard anything from Monty. While people normally say no news is good news, I think this means no news is no news: as in, he's having a hard time finding someone who will give me a loan too.

My mother and I took Miss Luna to the vet this morning. On the way, we passed a quaint house with a bright yellow sign in front that read "$500 moves you in." Mom wants me to check out that place. I'm not sure eager to do business with a company that doesn't give you any information online, though. Every single link on their website takes you to some other site. That leaves me to question the legitimacy of the realtor. But, we took down the number anyway, so I guess I can call tomorrow. I hate doing business by phone. Usually, if I can't do everything I need online, it's not worth it.

Get into the 21st century, people!

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