Sunday, December 21, 2008

All About Patience

The day wasn't about patience, just right now. For some reason, it takes several tries to get anything to print from my Word Perfect program. It's not the new printer, because it was doing this on the old one too. Patience. It will work eventually.

Phoenix and I had the need to do a tiny bit of shopping today. We needed to run by Target, and she needed to go to Lowes to get a heater so she can give mine back to me. We also found some Borders coupons and planned to find one of those too. (The Borders is not exactly nearby.)

Still trying to print.

We found the heater at Lowes for the same price when I bought it. Then we got some necessary (and unnecessary) things at Target and had a yummy Five Guys dinner. The Borders was in the completely opposite direction of where we were, but we did find it. And, both of us bought more than we really needed with a list of things we needed to return for at a later time. Possibly Friday.

Still trying to print.

We found a radio station yesterday (she has satellite radio) that is playing lovely classical Christmas music. On the way home, we heard a song that I've not heard since my last year of college, when it was part of the Concert Choir's Christmas program. The song is called O Magnum Mysterium, and I had not heard it before nor have heard it since I sang it in that production. I have searched for it, but kept finding other versions. Even Phoenix sang a different version in her choir days. The version the radio played was the version that I sang. I was so very excited to hear that!

Still trying to print.

I did very little gift shopping this year and, while I still have a few things to finish making, I'm pretty much all done. Yay!

Except, I really need this thing to print. It's part of a gift!! Grrrr......

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