Thursday, December 04, 2008

One Set Back

One of our neighbors has a beautiful white cat. She found her way to our door the first time she got out and Phoenix and I just loved her. Her owners were looking for her and we (somewhat reluctantly) sent her home with them. The second time she got out, she found her way to our door again. We once again brought her back home. She was outside again this morning, pathetically mewing because she didn't want to be outside. She was not near the door when I left for work, or I would have brought her in.

We live by a busy roadway and the cat does occasionally venture towards the road. We would be so sad if she met an untimely end because her owners couldn't keep her inside. Remember that fox I saw? It would be very sad if she became dinner. We didn't see her when we got home and can only hope that she is safe with her owners.

The second time she got out (and she's been outside several times since though I haven't seen her, other neighbors have), Phoenix and I declared we would keep her if she came our way again. There are several factors that helped us with that conclusion: the two dangers I've already mentioned, the fact that the cat clearly does not want to be outside because of how she screams when she is, and that only one of the pair of owners seems to care about her at all. The biggest problem with taking on another cat is that she likes to sit in the window. Eventually, she will and people will see her and know we stole someone's cat. Whether they are worthy or capable of caring for her is irrelevant.

I hope she got home. Next time I run into one of the owners, I will be sure to remind them about the dangers of the road and the fox and ask that they be more careful. If I learn she is intentionally let outside, I will have no qualms about keeping her. Unless she's tattooed or microchipped, they couldn't prove it was their cat.

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