Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trying Not to Feel Guilty

I know there is no reason for it, but I'm feeling guilty anyway.

A couple coworkers have given me gifts. That's so very nice of them, and they will look great under our little tree until Thursday. I'm feeling guilty because I have nothing to give them. Funds are tight, and I can't craft fast enough (or en masse) for them. I couldn't even afford a box of candy canes to make into reindeer this year. It was the shift in pay weeks that did this.

But, I know I shouldn't be guilty. For a true gift, people give because they want to, and they give within their means. I would be happy to give things to some of my coworkers. I think gifts make people happy, and I know giving makes me happy. I just don't have the means.

However, I do know the power of being gracious, and each one of them will get a thank you letter from me. That gets neglected more than it should. E-mail, text, and in-person thank you’s don't count, you know.

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