Friday, December 26, 2008


Even with one person in my group out of the office, I'm not inundated with work today. I'm not even moderately engaged, actually. I'm working slower than I know I can, because more work just isn't there.

One of my coworkers, who has been curious as to why we pulled someone from another group (they brought LDS over a few weeks ago, though they say it's temporary) instead of giving that work to me, asked Adolf and Boss² why that was. He kindly reported that they have some plan for me. We guessed it's just not ready to happen yet. That's a comfort, I guess. I hope it means they understand why I'm producing so little work: that it's not because I'm not working, but that the work just isn't here for me to do. I know many people would enjoy that, but I have a somewhat unique work ethic. I'd much rather be busy than to sit around and get paid for doing nothing (it makes for faster days too, when you're busy).

And, while I was typing this and working, I finished all the work that had so far been given to me. 1100 can't come soon enough. That's when I don't have to be ready to take calls (which haven't happened yet) and can pass the time with my iPod. That will help. A bit. I have a small army of origami spiders on my desk from the slowness the past couple weeks. I've even had to throw a few away because the paper tore. I guess this year's daily origami calendar has less-quality paper than the previous two years. It was a different brand. Phoenix got me the 2009 calendar, and that is the original brand that I had been getting. So, for the record, Workman Publishing's Page-A-Day calendar does not have very good paper (though, it did have some nifty models). And, unless they've changed something in the year that I didn't have one of theirs, Accord Publishing's Fold-a-Day calendar has much better quality paper. It actually holds up to the complex spider model. I'm running out of star paper too (again).

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