Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Possibilities

Since Phoenix has been sick, though she is finally getting some much-needed meds, our plans for today may change.

We are going to have a live Yule tree this year. Miss Luna has never had one, I think she'll be climbing her little heart out. Nevertheless, we're getting a tree. That will likely be next weeks' task.

For today, we were planning on raiding my parent's attic for old decorations that they've long stopped using. My family stopped getting live trees and started going with fake ones for a while. Then, we stopped getting trees altogether. They were pretty, but it was a hassle. It will save us quite a bit of money if we can take what my parents don't use to decorate our tree. Hopefully, Phoenix is still up for doing that today.

The other thing is the Annual Antietam National Battlefield Memorial Illumination. It is quite a moving thing to see acres and acres covered in 23,000 candles for each casualty or the battle. It is a process to go, and Phoenix and I may not be up for it. We'll have to see.

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