Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What Would You Ask

Alright, pet owners (and other people who might have an opinion), if you moved and had to find a new veterinarian, what sort of questions would you ask a prospective doctor?

Miss Luna isn't due for her shots for another few months or so, so I have some time to find a place. I've heard it's good to have one before it's needed. But, this is all new to me. I've never had to look for a vet before. I've always taken my animals to the same doctor. Even if I hadn't moved, he retired, so I would need to find a new place anyway. I may scoff at doctors for me, but I don't skimp on care for my pets (except for one time when I put off going to the doctor because I hoped the problem would clear up on its own).

So, what would you ask a prospective veterinarian? What would you want to know about a prospective animal clinic?

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