Friday, December 19, 2008

FedEx is Stupid

Know this now, gentle blog readers, that if you ever have to send something important, don't use FedEx, and I'll also urge you not to purchase from a business that only ships with FedEx.

I cancelled my plans yesterday because Phoenix and I both talked to someone who said it would be no problem for them to deliver the package while I was home. When the package didn't come, I checked online and saw the estimated delivery date as today. So, I didn't run any of my errands today either, so as to not miss the delivery that someone has to sign for. You know where this is going, don't you? That's right, they didn't deliver it today either. The person I spoke with on the phone said there was no guarantee that they could deliver it on the day we requested because that's not the kind of shipping that whoever purchased the damn thing paid for. Nice that they tell us this after I've spent two days sitting around when I could have been getting things done (like grocery shopping). If it was a problem, the two people that Phoenix and I spoke with should have said so. Talk about a shitty way to do business. Oh, and the person I spoke with today asked if we would be home tomorrow so they could try again. WHAT THE HELL!! You couldn't bring it by when we told you someone would be here, now you want us to cancel our plans for the third day just so it can not be delivered again? Fuck off, bitch.

This experience has made me detest FedEx and their bullshit, illogical policies. People have jobs. If you require a signature, deliver in the evening when people are home. It's not rocket science. And then, when we tell you when we'll be home, don't tell us it can be delivered and not do it. It boggles the mind that someone paid for that amazing lack of service. I know I will never support that company, and I'm not going to inconvenience myself again to drive to their facility to pick it up. They're just going to have to trip on it for a week and send it back.

We don't know what it is, and we don't know who sent it to us. I have no interest in receiving it. What a stupid company.

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