Wednesday, December 03, 2008

No Title Today

When thinking about what to write, I couldn't settle on anything. Most of my thoughts went to work: how they have to remind people to dress professionally when important visitors are coming, how new employees get offended when they do something wrong and have to be corrected to the point of quitting like they're children, or the myriad of times that management and peons don't agree as in the case of our old database program and how the new one isn't nearly as user friendly. (Of course, for the last one, management doesn't actually work in the program so of course they're not going to understand how great the old one was.)

Then I thought about the awesome sunset I saw last night over the distant mountains. And how incredibly cute and affectionate my kitty was being when I got home.

I could also talk about how sick poor Phoenix has been, and how she started coughing a little blood and thought she might have developed strep throat. Thankfully, it was negative on the strep test and she came away with some nice antibiotics to get rid of her non-viral bronchitis. That should be good.

Yeah, I guess today was just a hodgepodge of everything.

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