Monday, December 01, 2008


In the midst of planning something, I found a list of state symbols. Since moving to Virginia, I learned that unakite is unofficially the state stone (Virginia has not adopted a state mineral/rock/stone/gemstone, but many consider it to be unakite, as it is found naturally in the Blue Ridge Mountains). I learned this morning that Maryland has a state gemstone, declared only a few years ago. It is called the Patuxent River Stone, and it is a unique and native agate.

This stone is described as having brilliant reds and yellows and contains bone-like structures. I haven't found any place turning the stones into jewelry or beads yet, but I'll be on the lookout for that. It also makes me wish it was kayaking season again, as I'm ready to scour the rocky landings of the Patuxent to chance finding such a stone. I do plan to go on the Patuxent River sojourn this year. Maybe I can learn more about this rock.

I think I'll always be an Marylander at heart.

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