Sunday, January 28, 2007


Let's see. We played a lot more blackjack this year than we have in the past. If it were actual money, I would have won more than $74,000! But it was not actual money. There are prizes that the company gives for the top three winners. My dad and Turtle gave me their chips to boost our total (most of those winnings were my own, I bet the whole lot on the last hand and won with a 20). That may sound impressive, but it's nothing to my mother, who one third place with $150,000 worth of chips. We didn't even know she was playing! She picked a table in the back and went to town. Like me, she bet the lot on the last hand and won with Blackjack. Go mom!

We danced a bit too. Not nearly as much as in years past. I will say there's something unnerving about seeing the majority of my coworkers (peons, HR people, CFO, CEO, takes all kinds) drunker than drunk. Then there were after-parties throughout the hotel. I didn't go to any of those, and it's probably best. Turtle did though. I guess she had fun. Seeing people I work with get drunk and bed each other like teenagers isn't really my cup of tea.

The room was very nice. I have a few pictures that I'll have to get on my website at some point. I am sorry to say we never got a decent picture of us in our dresses. Oh well! Maybe someone else in the office did.

I must say, and I'm not sure why. I have this strange feeling that I've been robbed of my weekend. Maybe it's because much of yesterday was party preparation, and much of today was getting back into the groove of home, and I've seen coworkers for 7 days straight and still have 5 or 6 to go before I'm free of them for a time. I didn't get this feeling from the previous office parties. It's very odd.

Well, tomorrow is another day, or something. And it's one when I have to drive.


Willow Goldentree said...

When you sit at your desk and reminisce about the weekend, console yourself with the idea that you walked away not embarrassing yourself. Let the rest of them cower in shame! MWAHAHAHA

Fyrecreek said...

Pretty much! I am definitely happier knowing I don't have to "hope nobody saw that" today!