Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Up The Wall

We've all heard this expression, right? "It drives me up the wall!" My coworker (the one who I spend time with socially) was telling me about a new game, Uno Spin. And how much fun it is to play and how the spin board will drive you up the wall. We're going out (not out as in date out, so all of you dismiss those thoughts right now) on Friday to look for it.

Some time ago, I got this crazy mental image of being driven up a wall (as in literally). In this crazy thought, whatever it was that was driving me up the wall was coming at me, and I was all crumpled up in the corner of this empty room and quickly inch-worming up the wall (like how I made that a verb?). Now every time someone says something is driving them up a wall, I get this comical thought in my brain.

When I was typing this up at work, I had more to say (I think) but now that I'm home, I'm ready to just veg out. Ten hours of work is hard when you've got 3-some hours of commute on top of it. And I didn't do a whole lot of sleeping last night.

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