Friday, January 19, 2007

Urge to Kick

And that urge is completely directed at someone we all know and love and WAM.

So, remember yesterday when WAM was giving me orders? At that time, our acting supervisor was not there (they had left in the morning for health reasons). Acting Sup was in today, took a look at the Remedy queue and sent my group an e-mail.

First off, my group consists of 5 people including myself and WAM. There were three of us working on the 89+ Remedy queue yesterday, including myself and WAM, and the person who has been 'responsible' for Remedy for years. 89 jobs is a lot. One person can do about 20-25 a day, give or take, depending on the nature of each job. Some take hours, some take seconds. And at 1330, the day was mostly over for most of us.

Ok, the e-mail. This was sent to the entire group (even the two who don't generally work Remedy and Boss²). Acting Sup said, "Remedy down to 34. EXCELLENT WORK!!!!" Any kind of praise is so very nice to be getting.

Just as I was ready to say something along the lines of 'thank you, any time, we worked hard,' WAM sent this e-mail to the group in reply, "It was at 83 yesterday afternoon before I jumped in there to get it down to 40 this morning." If anyone ever deserved a boot to the head, WAM became that anyone.

I was livid. I was not sitting at my desk all day with my thumbs up my arse. I went through several very unladylike and unprofessional responses to the group before I settled on something just to Acting Sup. "Yes, they did it all theirself of their own accord. And worked all through the night." Acting Sup sent me an "lol."

My acting supervisor is not an idiot. I know that they knew that WAM didn't do the work alone, and they saw the e-mail that Boss² sent yesterday telling WAM to help out, so the implication that WAM took some initiative can also be proven false. Didn't we just have a meeting a month or two ago about how we are all part of a team and we all work as a team and get jobs done as a team? What WAM had the nerve to say to the group was not team-oriented. I'm still fuming over this. All day today, I've felt like kicking something. And that feeling always came over me as I approached my desk, with WAM's cube right behind.

I shouldn't have let it go, but WAM is a very confrontational individual. If I had pressed Acting Sup or Boss² to pull them aside and explain that wasn't an accurate representation of what happened, they would have done. But WAM would have run up to HR crying about it. I really wish I didn't have to deal with that person. I can usually take it, but I guess I'm extra annoyable this week.

In other news, the new dress I ordered for next week's office party came in today. It's perfect! Light and airy and ethereal. I can dance in it and it will flow and I will not roast. I'm looking forward to next week. I'll probably be working overtime through the week and Saturday too (still), so I can just go to the hotel from work. Take a nap. Play on the laptop. Whatever!

On that note, I am going in to work tomorrow, 0600 to noon. Please please please don't let me forget to turn on my mp3 player before WAM gets there at 1000. Not that I really believe that will prevent them from talking to me, but it's worth a try!

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