Friday, January 12, 2007

Oh Dear

One of my co-workers, let's call them Dot, came up to WAM and myself this morning asking if we had any extra stickies (that's office slang for a pad of Post-it note paper). I only have the one I'm using, but WAM and I examined our drawers anyway (that's funny when said like that). Then I started to list off what I did have extra, binder clips, staples, and a stress ball in the shape of a brain. "I have a brain!" I say to Dot.

WAM found some mini stickies, and produced a brain also. WAM has had that brain for 2 years. My brain came from someone who no longer works with us, but didn't take the brain when they left, so I claimed it. We giggled about our brains for a good 20 minutes. I know Dot and I were getting the full meaning of WAM only getting a brain two years ago.

Then we added that they were stress balls (shaped like brains) and WAM said that they have a lot of FedEx balls. This set Dot and I off again! And I went rooting through my drawers again, because I knew I had a squishy football somewhere. Found it!

Then WAM dropped the brain! I told WAM to make sure it was clean before they tried to use it again.

It was a tear-producing giggle fest! Good thing no supervisors were nearby!

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