Tuesday, January 23, 2007


The Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge, the bane of my 50 mile commute, is being rebuilt. They're making two spans of the drawbridge over the Potomac River. The old Maryland/Virginia connection has almost been completely detonated, so now we're driving over one half of the completed project. This is a very involved project, more than just the Potomac crossing, but a lot of ramps and interchanges need to be altered too. This riddles the whole area with a ton of bridges that go no where, and us unable to figure out where they will end up.

On the Maryland side of the bridge there is a structure. It looks like one of those bridges that go no where, like an overpass where there never was an overpass before. But it's really really strange because there's no road even remotely nearby on either side. In fact, there's a whole lot of marsh and water on either side. The length of this bridge is only the width of the current new WWB. Now, if you're on the WWB coming from Virginia heading into Maryland, there is another structure on the right, that seems to be attached to this mysterious overpass. This structure is even more peculiar than the funky bridge, because if I didn't know better, I'd say they were building a castle turret there. So, right now, as my dad so eloquently put it, "they're building a bridge that goes no where and the battlements to defend it." I must discover what this thing is!

So, I used to read tarot cards. I am way out of practice now. I mean way out. I spent time focusing on other things, you know how it goes. Let me tell you, tarot reading is not like riding a bicycle (and how they say you never forget, though I've been told you can forget how to ride a bike). Yes, in general, if you don't practice, you may find yourself having to relearn the skill.

That's where I am now. It's been about 7 years since I did any major reading for anyone, and one year since I've used the cards at all. This is silly, since I probably have more than 50 decks in my collection. Now I feel like a novice again, I have to resort to consulting the LWB. I hate that! (LWB is the Little White instruction Book that seems to come with every deck.)

There's nothing to it but to do it!

I pulled a card this morning, feeling angry from yesterday in anticipation of that project I'm going to have to do today, and it was the Wheel of Fortune reversed. This indicates an ill turn of fate or unexpected obstacle. Basically, the card was reflecting how I had already started my day.

We all know the future is not set in stone right? I decided I was not going to have that kind of day. I was going to complete that project and the one I had forgotten about, and everyone was going to say "you did great work!" That is how I wanted my day to go.

That's pretty much how it's been. That project I was stewing over ended up being near irrelevant, though it's not done because Acting Sup is out today. The other project, I just finished it and sent the file off to our client to update. Go me! Also, I answered everything that came in that annoying e-mail box within an hour. I was even feeling fine when, after I had sent a reply to one of them for more information, the only Supervisor in the department sent a reply saying it was done. Yup, still in a good mood even after blurting out "I guess my response wasn't good enough." It doesn't matter, I was doing more research, and if the contact gets back to me, I'll show the Sup that they should have paid attention.

And I'll leave you on this note: LaDiDa!

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Willow Goldentree said...

Good luck with the tarot cards! Let me know how it goes and I would be happy to be a guiney pig at any point. :-D