Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Out of Nowhere

Don't you hate those days when you're down and feeling blue and just not in a good mood, and remember at some point that you were in pretty good spirits yesterday? What happened, you might ask yourself. What happened between yesterday and today that made you go from sunshine and lollipops to a rock feels no pain? Maybe it's the migraine, maybe it's the start of the work week, with more than half of my group not here today and me expected to back up everyone's job. It could be the cold weather, or the rain that prevented us from watching the year turn over with friends.

That's how my morning is going. But don't fret, I'm starting to feel better.

One of my coworkers who is also my friend called to say she and her sister were making plans to go snowboarding for the weekend at the end of February. I couldn't go with them over the Christmas holiday because I couldn't get off of work. But this time, they gave me enough notice to ask for the days off, which have been approved. Yahoo! boarding time! Well, in a couple months.

And, I finally found someone who has some drugs, and they're starting to kick in (you know, for the migraine).

And, they're offering us overtime at work, which I'm going to do next week when it will count. Hello, moolah! (Is that how you spell that?)

And, I've reevaluated what I want to accomplish this year. Step one: write them down. Done. Step two: break them up and write out plans. Not done yet. Step three: execute the plans. Obviously, not done yet! But!! there is a plan!

Well, here's another down slip. Everyone telling me about the 3 people's jobs I'm supposed to be doing is slowing me down from doing them. I understand, people! Just go away and let me handle it!!

I suppose I can safely say that work was the cause of it all to begin with (probably including the migraine. Everything but the weather, really).


Willow Goldentree said...

Cheer up Fyrecreek and I hope your migraine goes away quickly. I don't like seeing you like this.

Fyrecreek said...

I think it's the end of a long string of holidays (ie, free money with no work required!). And, you know, stupid work people. Tylenol finally kicked in, though. :)