Thursday, January 18, 2007

More WAM Bashing

WAM, my good friend WAM. Yesterday, WAM told me that I was needed to work a certain job (time-sensitive, needs to be done before 0800 and there was a lot of work to do) as I was coming in to cubeland. I hadn't even looked at my computer before I'm given instructions by someone who is not a higher level then myself.

Today, WAM has been up talking to me about the phone calls all day. Around 1330, WAM told me to get into this one program, Remedy, and start working those jobs. I said, "I've been in Remedy all day, thankyouverymuch." I had, after all, it's my primary function, which seems to be second to everything else they want me to do. Then WAM said "well you were in that other program this morning." The same as yesterday's time-sensitive critical work that takes precedence over everything else. And we're so behind in this work, that's why I've been working overtime.

I do not need someone like WAM telling me what to do during the course of my day. I know my job, I know what's expected of me, and I know who to ask if I need guidance. That person is not WAM.

So, there's an opening in one of the other groups in our department. Apparently, I'm a shoe-in for the job (I shall have to find out where that expression comes from....), but there's been an opening in this group before and Boss² told me that I wouldn't like it. Nice that they make those decisions on what I like or don't like for me. So, why would I want to apply again when they can just tell me again that I wouldn't like it? Well, I've been talked into applying again. So I'm going to submit my resume probably tomorrow. And this time, I'm going to tell them that I don't care if they think I won't like it. I'll never know until I try, and I really want to move on from the position that I'm in.

How about that? We'll see!

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Willow Goldentree said...

Good luck Fyrecreek!!! I really hope that things work out for you! Bash WAM in the head for me with your coffee mug will ya?