Saturday, January 06, 2007


Feels like it! The DC area hit a record high of 73 today.

I woke up to the gentle singing of birds, went shopping, took a nap, and then walked around the neighborhood with my mother.

We do this fairly frequently, it's good for us! Since we are regular walkers, we know that there seems to be more dogs than people living in our neighborhood. We'll see a car with someone coming or going occasionally, but for the most part, it's quiet (save for the dogs) and peopleless.

Today was a totally different story. Kids were out playing basketball, people were washing cars, tending to their lawns, checking their mail. There were even parents outside playing with their kids. It was amazing. We saw actual people on almost every street we walked on. I have neighbors!

I've lived in this neighborhood all my life. It's quaint, with one entrance off of a major highway. I've watched people move in and out. As a matter of fact, I can now say that my parents have lived here longer than anyone. We live in one of the first houses built, and everyone else who got in when the neighborhood was young and affordable have moved away.

Well, it warmed my heart (though it could have been the exercise) to see people out and about around my home. That active atmosphere fits it much better than the ghost town-like streets we usually see.

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