Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hunky Dorey

Or something.

So, last night, I went out with my coworker-friend. We each bought a copy of Uno Spin and he had some other things to buy and we had dinner and then I started off for home. We were both working today so we didn't want to stay out too late, me in particular because I don't live 5 minutes from the office like he does.

It was going great, I pointed myself towards home around 1920ish, there were no problems on the road, I should have been home by 2015 or so. But NOOOOOO! Not 10 miles from home they closed the Beltway in both directions because a tractor trailer was on fire. Of course, I learned about it after I had already passed the only bail-out exit.

And there I sat for a solid hour. Bored. Tired. And having to get up at 0430 the next morning. I called Fox to talk about weekend plans. I called another friend to talk about two weekends from now plans. I called back another friend to talk about cancelled weekend plans. And I bothered Willow for 30 minutes, who I'm sure had plenty of work to do. I don't talk to Willow much (mostly because I know she's got a lot of work all the time!), so that wasn't bad, really. And she got to listen to me yelling at the road morons once we finally were moving.

I slept like the dead.

The dress I ordered for our office party at the end of the month came in yesterday. It's a royal purple Regency-style velvet gown. I've been wanting this ever since I saw it in the catalogue, so here was a great time to get it. It is gorgeous, thick, heavy, good-quality velvet. I'm disappointed. Not in the dress, mind you, I love it! But the problem is that it's going to be way too hot for 3+ hours of dancing. Usually the things you get from catalogues are not the best quality (though I guess it depends on the catalogue) so I was anticipating it to be much less substantial and so doable. I've got two weeks to find something else to wear! And I get to think up what to do with this dress now that I have it.

Here's to not much rain today! I've got plans that the rain can put a stop to!


Willow Goldentree said...

That's too bad that your dress is too hot. :-( Because it is just so gorgeous!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for that phone call. It was an amazing break to an otherwise very odd and slightly argumentative day with my husband. We're cool. But your phone call was very appreciated by both of us.

Fyrecreek said...

Oh, the power of 2000 miles being eliminated in seconds!