Monday, January 29, 2007

Not the Wisest Choice

I'm going back to working overtime after my week hiatus from it. That probably wasn't the best choice for today, because it's Monday and first of the month equivalent. Where did January go, anyway?

So, it's after 1400, and I'm already work-tired. I didn't get my break until 1330, I usually go at noon. What a great way to start the week!

It's hard for my paycheck to be OT motivation at this point. Sure, I made a lot in those two weeks and it showed on my paycheck, but it also showed in the taxes they took out. Half of what I made was garnished in taxes and other deductions. Sometimes, the government really sucks. I'll see some of that back in my return next year, but I'd like it to add up faster than that.

That's life. Death and taxes, they say. And since I'm planning on Death visiting me a long time from now ;) I'll deal with the taxes.

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Willow Goldentree said...

I NEVER understood how to claim taxes on my paychecks. In the end I either had to owe waaaay too much or wondered why I only got back $100 for a year while others walked away with over $5,000. And you know that whole thing people tell you about getting married and saving on your taxes? NOT TRUE! Unless I missed it somewhere, there's been no money saving in that department around here. Oh well, no use for me complaining about taxes...we now have to pay them and go through a huge ordeal more than ever. It sure beats having a boss that pretends you don't work for them around tax time (yeah- I had one of those).