Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I Feel Like I Have Nothing to Say

Go figure.

Let's see, the e-mail box that I'm supposed to answer is out of control because I'm not sitting around waiting for a new one to show up. Get bent, says I. I was busy helping with one of the department's critical functions when a message (that ultimately had to be forwarded to a different department) came in around 1030. By 1050, Boss² sent an e-mail wondering who was supposed to be doing it because it hadn't been done yet. By 1130, I finished the critical function and proceeded to forward the message to the right place. Oh, I'm so sorry that I was doing something important and the message had to wait an hour. Of course, no one took any notice of the seven messages I had already resolved by then. And, yes, Acting Supervisor was told to take me into the conference room and give me a talking to about it. But they did tell me that the real supervisor and Boss² seem to have a cow over every e-mail box, not just mine. That helped. A bit. Stupid people. No one was going to die because this message waited an hour.

I didn't work overtime today. They were calling for rain and possibly the first snow of the season and some ice once the sun went down, and I've got far to go, so I didn't wait for the sun to freeze the already dreadful bridge I have to cross. Thankfully, everyone who mattered understood. More money tomorrow. No big deal.

So, remember the map that I was wanting to draw out yesterday? I sat down to work on it at lunch and the image I had just kept blending with another story I'm working on (map also unfinished). That's just not fair! Maybe I'll get to muddle through it tonight since I'm not at work. I guess that just happens when you have more than one project. For the record, I have three official writing projects going on right now, the aforementioned two and the huge epic I started in 1995. Yes, that one will take forever. Once again, this pesky job gets in the way of what I'd rather be doing. But that's ok. I really am happy to have it. Even means to an end as it is.

That looks good, I'll stop there.


Willow Goldentree said...

I have a question for your bosses. You seem to be constantly busy with the phones and emails but they seem to have all the time in the world to send you emails and make fake phone calls to make sure you're actually doing your job. Why don't they take some of that responsibility?

Ohhh...that's right. Their name is boss and supervisor. People who let those titles go to their head should be stoned. *wink*

Love you!

Fyrecreek said...

You're great, Willow! That's exactly what the acting supervisor and I were talking about during my little meeting yesterday.

The last manager I worked for who didn't do any work herself found herself AssMan-less with no notice. I hate quitting without notice, but she really deserved it. She had a problem with me going out of town for my great grandmother's funeral. It felt so good when I came back to walk into the store, hand her my keys and walk out, especially knowing that she'd been there all morning and no one was there to take her place for the evening shift.

So there, says I!

Willow Goldentree said...

So there! Sometimes you've just got to do that. I've walked out on a couple of jobs- that's the way it is, and that's why I don't take the manager position any longer.