Thursday, July 19, 2007

Check One More off the Growing TODO list

I made a TODO list on Tuesday. This was a list of things that needed to be done in preparation for my trip, other things I'm doing, and things that came up and needed to be dealt with. This list had seven simple items on it. Seven items that grew to something much much more.

The first item on the list was simple enough: order the archive DVD offered by the closing Photosite. This was a tad annoying because it wasn't exactly what I thought it would be, but that is done.

The next thing to do is to transfer my Photosite to the site with which they are partnering. But, I can't do that until the DVD is made and shipped, so that waits.

The next thing to do is to purchase my new website and transfer my domain (this counts as two things on my list). I can't do that until I cancel the old one, which I can't do until I transfer to the new photo sharing site, so that waits.

I need to see about installing an updated antivirus on my laptop, but I can't do that until dad decides to install the last spare or not, so that waits.

I also need to install FrontPage and a digital camera program on my laptop. There's no excuse for not doing this one.

And I have a bunch of mp3's to transfer to my player. There's no excuse for this either.

But, I also had to pay my cell phone bill. Check!

And, since we finally identified the insurance of the guy who hit us on the 2nd, I had to call them and file my claim. Check!

I was actually very nervous about doing this. I've never had to do it before (previous wonderful insurance company did it for me) and I was worried because it's been so long since the accident. To my advantage, this guy's insurance was that previous wonderful insurance company, and the gal was very helpful even though it had been nearly three weeks. It seems that the accident was not reported by either of the other parties previously. What's wrong with you people?! Do you think the car will fix itself?!

Anyway, back to the list.

Tonight, I need to be packing my overnight back for tomorrow's HP party. I'm busy typing so that's not getting done.

And I wanted to get to bed by 2000. Um... yeah, that's not going to happen either!

Actually, I still have more to my rather extensive TODO list, but I've got to get moving on the points that are important for tomorrow!!


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