Sunday, July 01, 2007

My Last Brunch

Because I'll be in Boise during that last brunch of the season.

It was such a lovely day to be walking around Annapolis. The sun was shining, there was a nice breeze, and the humidity that usually cripples outdoor activity was almost non-exsistant. Beautiful!

After yummy brunch, we went over to the mall to secure our Transformers tickets. Oh, it's so frustrating! I told everyone I would see it on opening day, but the friggin movie people kept changing it! All the previews I saw indicated it would open July 4th (a perfect day!). Then all the TV and radio commercials and movie ticket websites like Fandango indicated July 3rd (Ok, that's a fine day too). The blurb of the official website still said July 4th, but the main page said July 2nd (an impossible day). When does this movie open?!?! You don't have to answer that, because I know it. It opens tomorrow. There is not enough time for me to get home, go to a movie, and then get home in time to go to bed to get up for work the next day so we have tickets for Tuesday night. This was disappointing, though. I really wanted to see it on opening day. Why did they keep moving the date?! *grumble*

It was so nice today that we turned off the A/C and opened up some windows. Ahhhh. This won't last until Wednesday kayaking (they're saying it will be humid again by Wednesday) but we can enjoy it for now!

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