Monday, July 30, 2007

Glen Called me a Geek!

Today was basically a clean-up day. We had to re-establish the office, take inventory, calculate profits, all that jazz.

All weekend, we were pulling exploding caterpillars from the tent, product, people. We're actually not sure what they were, some kind of larvae maybe, but they were very fragile and the slightest touch would squish the little guys, causing their yellow guts to smear everywhere. We had to pull the buggers from the inventory today too. Exploding caterpillars were the running gag of the festival.

Really, there's not much to talk about, and that's as it should be, I'm on vacation! My friends have some incredibly cute cats.

Tomorrow is big shopping day.

And just because I know all eight Star Wars movies does not make me a geek! I've never seen a complete episode of Dr. Who, you know.

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