Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I just learned that one of the cartoons I used to watch as a child, Defenders of the Earth (which featured my favorite superhero EVER, The Phantom), was released on a two volume complete series DVD set. AHH! Where was I?! How could they have done this without me?!?!

I was hoping it would appear on the site that I talked about in May, but I guess this is a much better release. And judging by the price on Amazon, much more affordable than the most coveted Bionic Six series (you know, that show that I watched religiously as a child that no one else knows about). DoE might come first, I might even be able to find it at Target. I can't believe this got released and I didn't know it! I search every few months hoping to come across something like allmyfavoriteshows.com that I found in May, but I totally missed this. It looks like Overstock.com only has volume one. Bionic Six can wait also because I already own some...unofficial copies found on e-Bay by members who have since been banned for their selling of illegal copies and the misrepresentation of such (one of them said "acquired at on overseas convention" when she meant "recorded off the Sci-Fi Channel." And I know because the little station icon was in the corner of every ep).

Oh, I don't want to be at work, I want to go to Target and hope they have them! I want to find out soon so I can order them from Amazon if they don't. But I have to wait because I need to get paid!! Why did I find this now!?!

You know, I can't really explain why I want to own these things that I used to watch as a child. Wait, maybe I can. I have a very active imagination, I think I've talked about this before: the cartoons that I watched growing up were the start of my fan fiction writing. If I liked it, I'd take over my favorite character or add a character of my own to it and create my own stories. I still remember most of them, and recently decided to start writing them down (which is what prompted me to go DVD hunting again). It's part of the creative process, you see. If I see the inspiration for my stories again, I'll better remember them and be better equipped to write them down, and they can probably be translated into a universe of their own (thus making them no longer a child's fan fiction). I remember I once did a massive cross-over with all of my favorite shows all at once. Trust me, it worked. I've been writing Science Fiction for a very long time (relatively speaking).

Despite this distraction, I'm doing a decent amount of work this morning. Go me!

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