Saturday, July 28, 2007

Oh sleep! It is a gentle thing

What a long day. I can't even talk about my day!

I think we woke up at 0600. We stopped by Walmart on the way to the park, and arrived around 0740. We set up and were ready in time.

Willow's tarot and Witchstone readings were pretty popular. I had three Reiki customers today (one non-paying and another who got a quick five minutes). We didn't sell a whole lot of product either.

Walking around the festival, it seemed to be that way everywhere. There were far less people there than last year. And the really sad part is that prices went up for the rental of the park and other administrative things. If a little prosperity doesn't come our way, for all the vendors and the festival itself, it will not happen again next year.

Tomorrow will be better.

(Remember, I'm posting in Mountain Time!)

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