Monday, July 02, 2007

Why Me?

How many of you remember this?

I was driving home today, thinking about what to blog about when I got home, sitting a mile into stop-and-go traffic around 1640 when I heard this BANG! I had long enough to think "hmm, I wonder who got hit" when there was another BANG! And a jolt, and a lurch forward, and another second to think "don't hit the car in front, you don't want your airbags to deploy." It's amazing how much thought can happen in so little time.

Thankfully, I did not hit the car in front of me and my airbags did not deploy. But I did have a heavy metal barrette in my hair that got pressed rather hardly against the back of my head on impact. Hello, instant migraine.

I'm glad I drive in the left lane, so there was room to move on to the shoulder to find out what happened. A big white SUV hit the big black SUV that was behind me "hard enough to knock [her] foot off the break," causing the big black SUV to hit me. No airbags went off, but the SUVs' had considerable damage from the initial point of impact. Actually, I'm really grateful that black SUV was there to take the hit, otherwise the white one what did the hitting would have been in my little Saturn's back seat.

Regretfully, the person who did the hitting was not very forthcoming with information (and had really awful penmanship). He told us he had insurance, but failed to tell us with which company. The middle driver was not concerned; she got his tag number and VIN. And I have her information and she has ours. I will get compensated for this. My car has damage to its rather new bumper, but otherwise looks ok. People need to stop hitting me! They're reducing the value of my car!

I don't have a doctor right now, and I know from experience that a primary care physician would most likely not look at me at all, so I drove straight to the ER, sat and waited, and came away some two hours later with a pretty prescription for yummy pain killers. I'll go pick them up in a minute.

This sure was not how I wanted to spend my evening.

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