Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sleeping in Tomorrow

Goddessfest is done. It was not nearly as lucrative as last year. We heard that was the case across the board. Still, it would have been nice for a little bit of cash.

Don't get me wrong, the few customers I had were great, and I even got half of the required names for my assessment. However, I didn't even make half of what I made last year.

I'm still pretty wiped out. I just typed 'made' above, and I first typed 'maid' (and did it again for this example). We've got a few more things to do to finish up this evening, which doesn't even include unpacking the car that we borrowed from Glen's parents for the weekend. That's alright, though, because there's no specific early time that we must get up tomorrow. Yippie!

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