Sunday, August 26, 2007

The 2007 Fall Hiking Spree

The Prince George's County parks authority, in partnership with the Maryland National Park and Planning Commission, are sponsoring a big hiking event. We live in an area that is surrounded by many state and county parks; with waters to kayak, and trails through old forests to hike or ride. This year, they've listed twelve trails in the county and, if you hike six of them, you get a cool maple walking stick and a little shield to put on it indicating the year. Neat!

Today was the first hike, at the Patuxent River Park where we frequently kayak. They had a little kick-off event with information about the riverkeeper, local wildlife, and an introduction to geocaching (which I would love to do more of). Then, a group of some thirty people (including rather young children) led by a guide hit the trail.

The guided hike was nice in that there was much to learn, but the large group was not so nice. Even though the guide asked us to hike quietly, the larger families or groups of hikers just chatted away like they were at some kind of sporting event. I would have much preferred to go it with mom and Fox only then to deal with all that noise. And, of course, no wildlife was to be seen because people were so loud. But, one of six hikes are completed, and the other five will be unguided, and therefore not in a huge group of obnoxiously loud people.

It was hot! It was really hot! We all had water, and we were all drinking it, but I'm certain it was not nearly enough. I've had a headache since we got back. More water, more rest, I'll be ok!

In other news, I purchased a web hosting plan, so the big website move will happen in a few days. Have a look-see at my site now, as it will go away forever in a week or so. And then, expect it to be under construction for a while! I'll keep you up to date as best I can.

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