Sunday, August 05, 2007

Next Time, Check the Weather

No, it didn't rain. (it rained for some thirty seconds this afternoon, though.)

You know, August in many places in the United States is a rather hot month. I know it's particularly hot and humid in my neck of the woods, and while I've never previously been in Idaho in August, I was pretty sure it would be just as hot or worse than Idaho in July. So, naturally, I didn't pack a single warm article of clothing for my trip. Sure, I have a lightweight hoodie and some long pants for the plane, but no long sleeved shirts or long jeans or socks.

So, we picked up the three part tent from Glen's mother Aspen and their extra sleeping bag and headed up to the campsite just outside of Idaho City, Grayback Gulch. We picked a spot where they have camped before, that has a little stream running through it. Well, it's been so incredibly dry lately that there was no stream and the ground was hard. Really hard. We pitched our tents...

... and made dinner. We took silly pictures of us, and this one of the sun shining through the trees.

My friends had one air mattress that they let me use (we forgot to borrow one of those from Aspen too) and I was borrowing a pair of socks and decent shoes from Willow. When it got dark, there really was no reason to stay awake any longer, so to bed we went, around 2200 or so.

HOLY CRAP!!! None of us, not one, suspected it would get so cold! We have no idea the actual temperature, but it was cold! I was so thankful for my hoodie and borrowed socks and sleeping bag, but even so, not much sleep was to be had. And if it wasn't the cold, it was the dogs barking and howling in the distance. Or the ground squirrels who were holding a drill march right outside the tent.

Maybe it wasn't the best night to do it, but I'd never been camping like that before, so I'm still quite happy to have the experience. And in the morning, we had this:

Even the cold night didn't matter so much.

We headed into Idaho City for some breakfast. We really like that town, crazy wolf-hating guy and all. It was just so neat when we saw it a year ago, and I know my friends have been back since then as well.

We decided to take the really long way back to Boise and ended up driving a dirt road through some breathtaking mountains.

Even with the loud cold night, in our crazy ginormous tent, it was a perfect way to spend the night.

Tomorrow, Glen has a dental appointment, so Willow and I will drop him off and probably do some more girly things while we wait for him. After that, it may be the Boise Zoo and the tour train, or we may do that on Tuesday. It's hard to believe that the end of my trip is nigh. But it's not so nigh to consider it over yet!

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