Monday, August 06, 2007

Zoo Boise

Today, Glen had an appointment in town and Willow and I had another girly thing to do while we waited for him. After that, it was off to the zoo in Julia Davis Park. It's quite small in comparison to the National Zoo that I'm used to, of course, but the fact that they have a zoo is cool enough for me!

The first thing we saw was this lovely tiger.

We then headed over to another area to say hello to the komodo dragon. I had no idea they were so big!

Next was lunch. We ate in the park because of the convenience. You don't really want to leave when you're in the middle of something, you know? And you use too much energy to go somewhere else anyway. It was rather hot and I was concerned that we wouldn't have the energy to see any more after we ate. So, food at zoo it was!

After a mediocre and not so healthy lunch, we went to their special butterfly exhibit. Glen's shirt was really popular.

I got one white butterfly on my hand, and Willow had a big blue one land on her hair. I guess our shirts were not attractive colors!

Then we saw the rest of the zoo! Even though it was small, I really liked it. We're going to try to hit the Idaho History Museum tomorrow after important work things like shipping are done.

This evening, we visited Aspen. Today was her last day of a really crappy job, and we went over with a few liquors to put in our coffee for a little celebration. I was really glad I got the chance to meet her, she is a very pleasant lady.

And one more picture (of the 160+ I took) for the wonderful O'Danny Girl fans back home:

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