Thursday, August 02, 2007

Day of Rest

We had such a late night yesterday that we really needed the rest today! Well, there wasn't much rest going on, both Willow and Glen had some orders to make today. Poor Glen works in the hot garage, but Willow and I got to listen to a movie while we worked. I say we, but I was doing hobby work, not livelihood work. And I say listen because we were busy working and not watching much.

I had brought some macrame to work on, and I have a few other projects in mind. Tomorrow is a working day too, and I still have plenty to do. This laptop sure is getting a work out! It had played two movies for us today. I can't recall a time when I've ever used it so much. Good! It was expensive (though I got it on a really good sale)!

I treated my friends to salmon cakes for dinner today. It was the first time I had actually made my mother's recipe, and I think it was very good, if I do say so myself. I can't remember exactly, but tomorrow might be the day I planned to make drunken meatballs. We've got it planned out anyway, even if I don't remember the day! We might go camping on Saturday evening at a camp site just outside Idaho City (you might remember that town from last year's trip). Tomorrow, I will make my favorite and best recipe; New York style cheesecake. Say "yum" with me now!


Tomorrow, in addition to my baking and some more work, we're hoping to run by those shops I had wanted to go to (the Star Garnet place, a bead shop, and a few others).

If this were a letter and not my blog, this would be the part where I say I hope all of you are having as fun and restful a time as I'm having right now. There are some cool things in Idaho after all.

I got clawed by Bandit. He was at the top of the carpet tree and was falling off. I reached out to catch him, and managed to do so, with the flesh of my hand. Don't worry! It's not like I've never gotten a cat scratch before! And he didn't fall, which means my rather silly maneuver worked. Go me!

Long live Sloth! The poor thing did not survive twenty-four hours in his new tank. We learned a lot about sea hares while they had him, so maybe another one can be gotten some day. I guess the time just wasn't right. Maybe later. I love my friends' aquarium. It makes me miss having fish. But I also wouldn't want my cats to get them. While Callie would leave a fish alone, Miss Luna would not. Maybe some day I can have some aquatic life in my home too. We loved Sloth!

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