Friday, August 03, 2007

Not Shut In

My friends' business is rather all-time-consuming. They like to joke that they only get out once a week, and sometimes it's only Willow who gets out that one day a week. It's not a joke, they really do get out into the world once a week! (Of course, it's been much more than that since I've been visiting.)

Since the need arose to do some more business-related shopping, Willow and I went out into the world today (after I put my cheesecake in the oven!). But this time, I was able to add some girly shopping in there too. We picked up some business supplies and some new wood for Glen, then the fun began! On the way to the fabric store and Walmart (the last two business related stops), we went to an awesome bead store. I picked up a few intricate glass beads and I can't wait to design something for them. We also went by Crone's Cupboard, the shop that puts on GoddessFest and I got a new divination deck, because I just couldn't wait to find it when I get home. Then it was off to the fancy jewelry store where I got my desired Idaho Star Garnet in a necklace. I also picked up something for my mother's September birthday, an Idaho Opal (my birthstone being opal), and earrings with teal-colored gems made from the ashes of the most recent Mount Saint Helen's eruption. Cool! And what could be more girly than shopping for jewelry? After that, we went to a stone store to see if they had something called moldevite. They did, and I had to have some. Many people don't like moldevite, a meteor rock, because its vibrations are very strong. I think it's like Reiki in a rock. If you read a description of some of the properties of moldevite, you can substitute that word with Reiki and it would still be a perfect description. I'm excited to use this stuff! So, after the stone place, we headed to the mall for a little giggly, girly escapade. Then we completed the business-related shopping and headed home to start dinner.

We watched a really dumb movie that they bought at Walmart for $1 during dinner. There's a reason why we haven't seen Mark Hamill in anything other than Star Wars! After that, it was up to the office for some work and cheesecake while we watched The Mists of Avalon. I think my friends did not believe me when I said my cheesecake is very rich!

Hmm... I feel like I should be writing in pink after all that girly shopping! Tomorrow the itinerary is a local farmer's market for some fresh fruits and veggies, and to swing by Glen's parents' place to pick up their large tent. We're going to go camping!

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