Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Not So Good Day

And not just because I killed a poor innocent fawn.

Maybe it is because I killed a poor innocent fawn.

I had a bit of advanced warning that everyone seems to be having a problem with the new Adolf. I even prepared some stones to carry with me; help me stay grounded, help prevent any negativity from my coworkers from hanging around me. I just got back from a rather nice vacation, after all. I want that nice feeling to linger for a while. Even with my rocks, it has been impossible to not feel down in the dumps today.

I learned that this Adolf doesn't like it when I come in early with my dad, on those rare days when he needs to come in early. Adolf said I could, but I must work my regular shift too (for "coverage"). This means that I must wake up at 0300, drive fifty miles, get to work at 0500 or earlier, and work until 1530 like a regular day, and then drive fifty miles home. That's ten or more hours and an earlier start. Previous Adolfs never had a problem with me coming in early and leaving eight hours later. I think that just means that this Adolf is incompetent when it comes to my job. Once more, when OBC says they'll work with you, they lie.

Working the extra hours wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have so far to drive or so early to wake up or got paid overtime. See, any time you work less than eighty hours in a pay period, you can't get overtime. So, even thought half of those hours is PTO, I won't get paid overtime for the two or so hours they want me to work because I didn't work those PTO hours. If that doesn't make sense to you, sorry. It basically means I'd have to work extra but wouldn't get paid extra for it. And I know dad was upset because he really hates making that drive alone. I don't feel like giving OBC anything for free, including my extra time.

Yesterday, it seemed like my stones were working. First day back from vacation wasn't so bad. Even the five mile traffic back-up wasn't so bad. Even the blow-out of my tire that required changing on the shoulder of a very busy and dangerous interstate wasn't so bad. I just wanted to be home. My barriers that protect me from the less than positive feelings of others stopped working when I killed the fawn, and dad had to drive the rest of the way. And they haven't started up again.

I thought today would be better, but it's not. And I still have to wash poor fawn guts from my car. And buy a new tire. And come back to work tomorrow being resentful that I couldn't come in at 0500 and leave at 1300.

My eyes hurt. And I didn't mean to kill the deer.

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