Friday, August 17, 2007

Mathmatically Challenged

We all dine out on occasion, right? Most every day type restaurants have appetizers on their menu. Appetizers are supposed to make you ready to eat by eating a little bit of something (yes, that's flawed logic, but that's not the point), and so they're usually served in big enough portions so that everyone at the table may have a bit. Sounds good, eh?

Have you ever been to a burger joint called Red Robin? We have a few of those around here, it's our favorite place to go after kayaking. The food is good and hot and the service is always quick. If we get an appetizer, it's usually at our table one or two minutes before our food. True, that's not enough time to eat an appetizer, but that's also not the point.

Red Robin has this wonderful appetizer called "Towering Onion Rings." This is a tower (heh) of thirteen battered and fried onion rings served with two kinds of dipping sauce. It's yummy! But there's a tiny questionable point about them. There are thirteen rings, thirteen is one of those numbers than cannot be divided equally but by one or thirteen. Since a party of thirteen is rare for almost any restaurant, that means that it is impossible to evenly split up the appetizer of onion rings without dividing the onion rings themselves! Who thought that up?!

Wow, I've given you something really deep to think about, haven't I? Prime numbers in restaurant appetizers!

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