Tuesday, August 28, 2007


This morning, I woke up before my alarm as I always do. Before glancing at the clock, I noticed a line of spots of light on my pillow. I turned the other way and moved the shade a smidgen (my bed is between two windows). There was the moon's bright white face shining down at me, clouds floating lazily around it. I closed my eyes to soak in this light for the thirty minutes until my alarm went off.

I wasted no time hitting the snooze button this morning, unlike what I usually do, but sat up in my bed, looking out at the moon at it entered the penumbra shadow of the Earth. I still had to get ready for work though, so I did my Pilate's and washed and dressed and all that jazz. When I was done, the moon was half covered in the umbra. I put the finishing touches on my morning (gathering breakfast and lunch and my bag) and the moon had lowered below the tree line.

Once on the drive in, we saw a tiny sepia sliver of moon in the sky, the rest completely obstructed by the umbra shadow, before the sun came up.

Good morning!

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