Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Here I Am Again

Both flights home were perfectly on time. The in flight movie was Shrek 3. It was better the second time. Mom picked me up from the airport and we stopped along the way for dinner (I had had no actual meals all day).

The Boise airport has really sensitive metal detectors. Remind me not to wear these pants when I travel again! I had to be manually scanned, and the wand beeped for every button, zipper, and grommet on my pants. Annoying!

But I'm home. I have two weeks worth of mail to go through, and some important accident related phone calls to make tomorrow. I have a ton of things to do tomorrow, actually.

My cats are cute and cuddly.

I had completely forgotten how unbearably hot it is over here. The head flight attendant made jokes about the Baltimore heat and humidity. I took off my jacket and tried to prepare myself, and the air still hit me like I was running a gauntlet as I walked from the plane to the air conditioned airport. Oh, how I miss Boise's not-humid heat!

I miss my friends too. I miss their nice home (they may not think it's clean, but it's better than my home!) and their fish and their cats. I sure did not want to leave them this morning. Now, I'll just hope I was a good house guest so they won't mind if I visit again.

It's good to be home, it really is. But I had an incredible trip, and it was good to be there too. The more time I spend in Boise, the more I like it. And I really liked being able to talk to my friends without having to use the computer. This morning's farewells had to be made short, lest I started bawling before I even got to security. That was one trip I didn't want to see end.

I know it's way early compared to the time zone I spent the last two weeks in, but I'm going to bed! I've got a lot of sleep to make up for, and so many things to do tomorrow! And nothing I'm trying to say here is actually coming out right anyway.

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Willow Goldentree said...

We miss you too and you were an INCREDIBLE house guest! The kitties let you sleep on their bed ;) That's saying something!