Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Better Days

I just had my annual review. I got four points out of six (that they never give) and a rather decent salary increase. Adolf and Boss² had some quite nice things to say about my work, my attitude, the things I had successfully improved upon from last year (when my score was a 3.6, for the record). I was pleasantly surprised. It's so often when you are doing your best that it feels like it's not noticed. Maybe it was noticed. Maybe I've learned to say what they want to hear, too.

Ok, I'm still pretty bumbed about killing a deer. There's a small crack in the fender of my car. I'm thankful Saturns are plastic, actually, because it might have been a near irreparable dent. A crack isn't much better than a dent, but I know my car won't rust, and it may not be too expensive to replace.

It's Wednesday. I'm halfway through my first week back. I'd still rather be in Idaho.

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