Thursday, August 09, 2007

Slowly Back to Normal

I washed some clothes and sheets and put the DVDs I had brought back in their cases and that's about it. I'll have much to do tomorrow because I didn't have the energy to do much of it today.

While I don't like the humidity because it's so hot, it does put a lot of moisture in the air and therefore on my skin. My poor flesh was cracking in several places in the dryness of Idaho. It's ok, my skin is fast getting back to normal. My mother said that her sister was telling her about it. My aunt's doctor told her it was just a fact of their location (she lives in the dry heat of Park City, Utah). It never occurred to me that spending so much time in moisture-less air would dry out my skin so. Ah, well, I guess there's one benefit to humidity!

There have been some rumblings of thunder. It would be nice to get some rain. And I know I'm not working tomorrow and it's only 2000, but I'm thinking about going to bed. I have a lot of sleep to make up for, and still have to get myself back in this time zone. At least my skin is recovering fast!

I still miss Boise, though. And my friends who live there.

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