Friday, August 08, 2008

Almost Anticipated

Last night's lecture was, well, interesting. The lady had a spiritual epiphany a couple years ago and now wonders the world as a gypsy, teaching what she has discovered to groups and clients. She had quite a few good points, and quite a few loopy points. I'm glad I made the decision to go, even though it was during the week when I normally don't risk it.

Risk staying up past my bedtime and things turning into a really hard day at work, that is.

I've been a lot better about that since moving closer to work.

I love this group of wonderful, caring people at the ministry. They listen to each other, the talk about things that bother them, and they gather to celebrate everything from a holiday to a birthday to a new job. My roommate is a member of this group as well. It was at one of their functions in May that we met. For some reason, it doesn't strike me as odd that we ended up renting a place together in less than a month of that meeting.

In any event, I am not well enough acquainted with this group to know that any time we gather means hours into the night being together in fellowship. Yesterday was no different. While I had hoped it would not be so late, I'm not surprised it was. Ask me how late. I'll tell you: I got in bed around 0100 or so. The alarm goes off at 0515. The Miss Luna alarm went off at 0248, 0300, 0323, 0351, and 0435. I won't be putting much overtime in today.

Still, I don't regret going to the lecture, and I don't regret spending the rest of the evening with my friends.

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