Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Waking in Shards

My very bad cat made a very big mess.

At just about 0300, Miss Luna decided she wanted me to be awake, so she tried to take the place of my alarm clock by knocking it off the night table. For about an hour and a half, I fought with her on this. At around 0430, I was wishing she would just lay down next to the dragons, like she usually did when she was hungry and wanted breakfast. I got my wish.

Now, I have a small electric light on that dresser. It's one of those candle-looking lamps that people put in their windows during Christmas time. Mine has a little shade on it. Miss Luna knocks this thing off all the time. Since I brought it, I've been telling myself that I need to tack it down because eventually she's going to knock it off the dresser and the bulb is going to break. When I picked it up last night, I didn't put the shade back on.

When Miss Luna jumped up, she knocked it off, as usual. It hit the bed just right, breaking the candle part clean off and shattering the light bulb all over me, who would otherwise have been sleeping soundly in bed. I grumbled, turned on a light, and started cleaning up. I was picking large and small bits of glass from the floor, my slippers, my shoes, the mattress, my pillow, my hair. I never knew a tiny little light bulb could break into so many annoying, taunting pieces of glass. There was no going back to bed, so I just got ready for work with intent to wash my sheets when I got home.

I've a few tiny cuts on my fingers and I think I spent the day with a little piece of glass or glass dust in my eye. You can squirm, I'll wait.

I just dowsed my eyeball with tons of stinging water and I hope that will do. In fact, I think I'll go do that again. At least I know enough not to rub.

That little black cat is a terror! But a cute and fuzzy terror. And I'll look for a much heavier lamp to put there.

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