Sunday, August 17, 2008

Because I Have the Know

That title makes no sense, even to me.

I had to head home today, even though I would much rather have stayed in bed. Mom is getting some new flooring and needed me to clear out the Star Wars Lego, and has been begging me to do something with the elliptical machine. I wanted to take it apart so I can get it up the condo stairs, but we can't seem to find the instructions. But, we did find the tools!

I armed myself with my new camera and started on the right side. I removed a part, replaced the bolt (dad was impressed) and took a picture. Unscrew, rescrew, repeat. I was able to break the machine down to nice, car-sized pieces and the beautiful Phoenix was there to help me lug the thing (even in parts) up the stairs. I put it back together without the photo record at all. Yay! I've got my machine! I'm very happy about this.

Now, I think I'll flop on the bed and die or something. So tired still, and I so don't want to work tomorrow.

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