Saturday, August 09, 2008

Quick Run

Roomie is at home (Philly) this weekend so I have to stay close to home to feed the cats. Today involved a run to Annapolis to get my Renaissance Festival employee pass, and I finally remembered to bring the Wii from the house (and my clay and my soap, that I've been wanting). Mom and I hit Trader Joe's while I was there

I got home today, took a shower, put my crap away, started some laundry, ate dinner, and cleaned the kitchen. And here we are!

I was planning on spending all day tomorrow working on a birthday present I'm making for a dear friend, but my parents have a dilemma that I think I will have to help them with. See, they're going kayaking tomorrow, but I'm the one with the rack on the car. Dad wanted to perform surgery to transfer the rack from my car to his because he didn't order the fit kit a week ago like he should have. We measured mom's CRV and found it is not big enough for her kayak (and she doesn't really want a river-wet kayak in her nice clean truck). The solution? That's right, head home again so I can join them kayaking.

We're planning on putting in at Queen Anne, where we often go, and following the river all the way south to Hill's Bridge. This appears to be about six miles on the river. (For the record, Mattaponi Creek, that we love to paddle so much, is about a four mile paddle to the end and back.) We'll be going downriver, though, and leave a car at Hills Bridge to shuttle us back. Should be fun!

Maybe I can do a little work on my project before I call it a night.

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