Sunday, August 10, 2008

Stuck Between a Rock and a Rock and a Rock

Fox, Fae, mom, dad, and I did something new. We put in at one landing and went all the way south to the next landing. Because of very sore hands, I used my foot pedals most of the way. At the end, there was a lot of swamp grass that we had to paddle through. It was not easy, and it was very funny!

We stopped for lunch at a little marsh that we couldn't get to because of the rocks. It was a little hard to avoid the (very slow) current of the river either, so we all just wedged ourselves against the shore, trees, each other, and rock to take our little break. As my title suggests, there was one point where I had a rock at my bow, one at my stern, and one to starboard. I'm not quite sure how I did that!

I'm pretty sore. That was a bit more than a three hour paddle with no standing up. I hope we can do it again. Maybe when the swamp grass isn't going to eat us!

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