Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Sturgeon Moon

The name most commonly associated with this moon is the Sturgeon. This large, bony fish seems to be abundant during this time, and that is how the moon got this name. Some other tribes call it the Full Red Moon, for the red hue upon rising. There are also some harvest references as the Green Corn Moon or the Grain moon.

Once again, my roommate and I were unable to hold a re-dedicating charm bag ritual together. Instead, something came up that I had to work on.

An old and dear friend of mine has gotten in trouble with the law. He has not clearly confirmed or denied to me if he actually did what they are accusing him of doing. This is troubling, because the charges against him are horrendous and unforgivable, and he speaks as if conviction and imprisonment are certainties. While he has yet to be tried (and, I think formally charged) he is currently living with his in-laws under house arrest. And, apparently I am the only person other than those he must live with who has not cut him off since the trouble started. Even his wife only sees him when she brings the children by for a visit. If it turns out to be true, I'm honestly not sure if I will be the only person anymore. He asked me for some work on his behalf.

The spell I worked had several parts. I lit a white candle for peace. I then took a cord of natural cotton fiber in white and filled myself with my purpose and need. I tied a knot for my friend to bind his fears and frustration, and give him strength. I tied a knot for his family and the other people he cares about, that they may also be given the strength to do what is right in their hearts. I tied a knot for myself that I may continue to be the voice of reason that he needs and find the strength to forgive the unforgivable if it proves to be true. I tied a knot for the truth, whatever it may be. I tied a knot for the people who may have been hurt by him, in this matter and all others. I tied a knot for those who love him to help them remember why they do even in the face of this ordeal. I tied three knots for each of his children, to bring them calm and peace as they are hurting the most from this right now. I looped the cord and tied it together, to bind everyone in hope that justice will be served, whether it is for the good or ill of my friend. When the candle had burnt down, I buried the stub and the cord in the woods behind my complex, so the Great Mother can send those energies to their purpose.

I must trust that justice will win out, whatever the truth may be. All I can do is wish my friend has the strength and courage to face it, whether it is a crime he really committed, or picking up the pieces of his life when the ordeal has past. I must believe in justice.

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