Friday, August 29, 2008

Prelude to a Weekend

Phoenix and I have been pretty good about working out every day, though we both worked so hard yesterday it's just not going to happen today. That's ok, the weekend proves to be busy.

I had a record boring day at work. No jobs for the project I've been working all month came in, and only a small handful of them could actually be completed. Very few of my regular jobs came in as well. When Adolf came by at 1400 to see how things were looking and how much more work I had to do, I said I'd been twiddling my thumbs for ten minutes. In truth, it was more like two hours. I got the all clear to leave then. I took a nice nap, and now I think it's time for dinner.

Tomorrow, I have work at the Faire. On Sunday, Phoenix and I plan to go hiking if I get home soon enough, or we'll do that on Monday.

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