Monday, August 18, 2008

New Inspiration

Before you ask: yes, I finished Phoenix's gift, and no, you can't see it yet.

Since I did that doll for the contest (which ended today, I don't know how long 'judging' will take), I've been wanting to do more dolls. Dolls like I used to do when I first started, that took almost a solid day to complete. I have some wonderful plush velvet stuff and I've been thinking of a warm winter cloak. Maybe it's too early to think winter. Maybe I should do the seasons in dolls. That might be neat. I need to do some base doll hunting.

On my drive home this afternoon, I passed a squirrel on the road. It was fully alive, rolling around in agony, and must have been utterly terrified. My heart broke, and I spent the rest of the drive praying for the poor creature's swift release from pain. An image came to mind then: I saw a handsome man and lovely lady sitting before an old oak tree with the squirrel climbing over them, chattering, and they were laughing. Somehow, I knew all would be well. As well as it could be.

A part of me wants to create that very peaceful place too.

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